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Cradled in the waters of Lake Huron and renowned for its unique blend of rare fauna and flora, Manitoulin Island proudly enjoys the status as largest fresh water island in the world. An extension of the Bruce Peninsula and part of the Niagara Escarpment, "the Island" is over 2800 square kilometers of lush forest area , unobtrusive farm land and 108 inland lakes. The island's isolation and singular geographical characteristics enaable more than 155 varieties of breeding birds and over 1500 documented plant species to thrive here. Manitoulin or "spirit island" is believed to be a sacred place of the "great spirit" Kitchi Manitou by the Ojibwa and the Odawa people and symbolizies the need to preseve the islands ecological, spiritual and cultural diversity.

Photographs in this Gallery are from Manitoulin Island ON. Canada This will be an ongoing gallery for some time enjoy
WindmillLake Mindemoya Manitoulin Island CanadaMisery Bay Manitoulin Island CanadaThe Manitoulin CollectionThe Manitoulin CollectionThe Manitoulin CollectionThe Manitoulin CollectionSand DunesManitou Riverlong the government roadYellow Lady SlipperSpring Bay Manitoulin IslandLake KagawongLake KagawongEscarpment Manitoulin Island

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